Post-Partum Bliss

A portrait session reflecting on all things post-partum, featuring the stunning Ashley Morgan Monroe!

Everyday, I photograph moms in all stages of motherhood! New moms, expecting moms and even grandmas. Every session, I hear the same thing "I just want a few good pictures of the kids." I get it! As moms, we tend to put ALL of our focus on others. Whether it's our kids, our partners, our friends, or even our clients, we somehow always end up forgetting about us.

We start forgetting about us, as soon as that beautiful baby arrives. And so does everyone else. There are nurses and doctors and check-ups just for baby. There are people coming by to love up on that precious little one. We'll get asked "how are you feeling" and then it's on to baby. We can't blame them, babies are CUTE! But, YOU are important too!

If you have paid for a newborn session, mama get the photos with you in it! You will want them! Will your hair be brushed? Maybe. Will make-up be applied? Slim chances. But who cares? Because YOU matter too! You will want to remember this time, even if it doesn't feel like it now.

And to all partners out there, take the pictures! My husband took pictures of me in the hospital and the time I FOUGHT those. Sometimes I cringe looking at them. But sometimes, I look back my swollen feet and the pure exhaustion, and I can also see so much JOY! I am so happy I have those photos!

So, take the photos. Be proud of your crazy body that just grew a human being (or two) and give yourself some grace!