Why Does Coloring Matter?

When it comes to photography, there is so much that goes into editing, coloring, and style. In order to maintain quality and color, photographers use specific editing programs and save files in a very specific way. We also update our screens on a regular basis to ensure that our screens are correctly calibrated. So, why is this important to you?

When you are browsing for a photographer, remember that images will look different on your phone then on your computer. A lot of phones now have blue light filters which greatly impacts color. When searching for a photographer, I highly recommend doing so on your computer, with a calibrated screen to ensure what you are looking for, is what you get! Take a look at the above picture for comparison!

Where is calibration important? PRINTING! Can you print at Walgreens? Of course. But remember that stores like Walgreens or Costco are not in the photography/printing business. Often times machines are not calibrated often or correctly. This can cause images to appear differently in print vs what your photographer has shown you.

To ensure the best quality print, I offer professional prints directly from your gallery! The print lab I use has been directly calibrated to match my screen. So, what you see, is what you get!