How To Coordinate An Entire Family

Does the thought of dressing your entire family seem scary? Are you wondering where the heck to start? Which colors, prints, and fabrics are the best choices? Well, here are some of my most important Do's and Don'ts when prepping for your family session!

The MUST haves!

  1. Layers. Do not be afraid of cardigans, scarves, chunky jewelry, hats, ties, and coats! Adding dimension is so important for photography. Colorado has beautiful, wonderful landscape, but remember that YOU are the focus! Make yourself standout and let Colorado be the backdrop!
  2. Comfort is key. I am all for glam and accessorizing, but at the end of the day, you also want to be comfortable. If you wear glasses everyday and they say something about you, don't be afraid to leave them on. If you want to wear a dress, go with something on the longer side to make it easier to move around and sit if needed. Also, I like to take clients a little off path, maybe up on rocks, or in high grass. I always recommend either wearing comfortable, yet cute, shoes OR you can wear sneakers/boots for while we move around and then I am more then happy to toss you your stilettoes once posed!
  3. Coordinating, not matching, is where it's at. Remember those days when your mom made you wear white tops and blue jeans! Thankfully, that look is out and coordinating is IN! I recommend starting out with ONE print item. Usually, my vote is you start with mom. Pick a dress or a shirt that is flattering, comfortable, and has a little bit of print or texture to it. Take that one item and look at all of the colors in it. So, let's say the dress has pink, green, and cream florals on it. Take those accent colors and use them to choose outfits for your family! Incorporate all or some of the colors and help tie in everyone, without "matching".
  4. Consider your style. Take a look at your current wardrobe and even your home! Whether you like a boho style, laid back, glam, or colorful style, do what represents you and your family. These images will be up on YOUR walls. So, don't worry too much about trends or styles that you see others wearing.

What to avoid!

  1. Let's talk color! Neon or over the top colors. Colors will not only reflect on your skin, they also just take away from you! Don't let the colors you choose, overwhelm the image! Avoid bright, neon, or loud colors, prints, and logos. For outdoor, I would also recommend avoiding greens or browns as your main colors, so as not to blend into your background too much.
  2. Crazy or numerous prints. Remember, try to stick to ONE print. Avoid stripes when you can.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings, including terrain, weather, and season. Avoid short dresses, tanks, or shorts during colder climates, especially for kids. It is harder to get those natural smiles when clients are too cold or too hot. Also, make sure feet are mostly covered, even in summer! Some locations have cactus, rocks, and snakes/bugs, so keep that in mind.
  4. Clothing that is too tight or too large. Fit clothing to your size. Too tight of clothing can make you feel uncomfortable or like you have to adjust a lot, taking away from the candid/natural nature of the session. Too loose of clothing can be unflattering in images or make you appear bulkier then you are!

At the end of of the day, the most important things to remember are be comfort, be yourself, and dress for the occasion! And most of ALL, HAVE FUN!

**AND as always, I am here to help! I LOVE helping clients choose items from my closet, recommending stores to shop at, looking at your amazon wish list, and even doing dress fittings. Don't be afraid to utilize me, it's in your package and I am here to help!**